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New Project

Last November as I came to the conclusion of the portfolio ‘The Summertime of my Autumn’ I began to plan on what the next project would be. I decided that this time I would return to work on something in … Continue reading

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Miquel Angel Sanchez

It was mid afternoon and we had been driving through the rural province of Sancti Spíritus in Southern Cuba. Most of the tourists that come to this region head to the world heritage city of  Trinidad with its colonial buildings of which some date back … Continue reading


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Sometimes you have to leave your babies go!

Every photographer has work that will never see the light of day.  For one reason or another sometimes images don’t reach the mark.  Hidden away in drawers are negatives or files on hard drives that will never be seen again.  Photographers spend time … Continue reading

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Matt Conway with Denis the Donkey. Co Sligo Ireland

You can’t drive too fast on these small country roads in rural Ireland as you never know what you might meet. The roads can be narrow about the width for one car and one has to be vigilant as you … Continue reading

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Happy accidents with the Mad Dog on the Spiral Staircase!

There are times when you make photographs they don’t turn out like you had visualized, this can be for a number of reasons including diminishing light or in the case of a portrait the subject  moved at that vital time. On the other … Continue reading

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Attracted to the light(house)

I live close to the coast and even though I don’t consider myself as a landscape photographer and I don’t always take advantage of the natural beauty that surrounds me. Photographers have always been attracted to capturing lighthouses and I think that … Continue reading

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The Cuban Piano Project

Late one night I heard a radio report about a group of Irish piano tuners who travel to Cuba every year to repair the pianos there. I was very intrigued by this story and felt it may be something that … Continue reading

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The Green Kitchen part II

You could see that this house had connections with America, lying around on the floor was a book of the American Constitution and a copy of PT109 about JFK’s time in the navy. As I made my way upstairs in … Continue reading

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The Green Kitchen – part I

Driving on a lonely road in West Cork on a cold April morning I find myself stopped for road works in the middle of nowhere. While waiting for the lights to turn green I contemplate if I should drive on as … Continue reading

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When one door closes, another opens!

In 2005 the Irish Government purchased 57 Steinway grand pianos for the Cork School of Music. At the time this was the largest order that Steinway had ever received in their 154 year history.  All the pianos were built in Hamburg … Continue reading

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