David Creedon was born in Cork Ireland and has been described as a conceptual documentary photographic artist. His work is regularly published and have featured in a range of International magazines, The Irish Independent has called him “Cork’s Vermeer” while the Irish Times has described his photographs as “meticulously made”. His images have appeared on various cd and book covers and he has completed work for Nobel Literature prizewinner Gabriel José García Márquez and the BBC National Orchestra.
He has received international acclaim for his work and he has previously exhibited in national galleries and museums in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa. His work has been described “as one of the most significant collections of photography in contemporary Ireland and will be amongst the most important works of Irish art in years to come”, while another critic has written, “His photographs transcend the documentary form and enter the realm of art, they are poems in photographs”.
His photographs are now held in important public collections including, the Irish State Art Collection, local government, private institutions as well as by private collectors in America and Europe.



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