Sometimes you have to leave your babies go!


© David Creedon

Every photographer has work that will never see the light of day.  For one reason or another sometimes images don’t reach the mark.  Hidden away in drawers are negatives or files on hard drives that will never be seen again.  Photographers spend time in creating, composing, lightning and working out the exposure but at the end of the day it doesn’t  count if the images don’t have what it takes to make the cut. As photographers we can sometimes become emotional attached to our work and at times find it difficult to make a decision on what to keep and what to leave out.

An example of that is the image above which was photographed in the Baltic last year as part of the project The Summertime of my Autumn. The background to the essay was one about mass emigration in Latvia.  At the time of making this photograph the image fitted  in well with the project but when I got down to post production and writing the essay the central theme went away from emigration itself to a theme of aging and memory in a society left behind because of the leaving of young people. This photograph made it to the final edit and even though I liked it I had to concede that it did not now fit in with the overall theme of the project. Speaking to a fellow photographer on the dilemma she stated that these are the decisions that photographers make and Sometimes you just have to leave your babies go!

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